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Global Pump Marketing

Announces Representation of Garbarino Pumps in North America.

(2) Unique product lines are available:

  • Model GH Series rugged high pressure multi-stage pumps up to 1200 psi
  • Model MU/L Series of vertical in-line transfer pumps. Sizes 12" and larger feature a double suction design.
  • For further information, Contact Us.

    Shoap's Services

  • Engineering involved with equipment applications
  • Manufacturer exchange programs
  • Slurry pump selection based on slurry hydraulic models
  • CAD drawing capability
  • Pump system hydraulic design
  • Pump system curve development
  • Mixer selection for the best process result
  • Factory-built equipment skids with piping and controls
  • Factory-built pump systems
  • Factory-built wastewater treatment plants
  • Factory-built Sanitary mixing stations
  • Installation of tanks
  • Installation of control panels
  • Retrofit of existing equipment
  • Field repair and lining of tanks
  • Pump inspection and repair
  • On-site equipment start-up and evaluation
  • Certification of flow meters
  • Parts stocking to support installed equipment